Black Wednesday Beer Release

Join us on Black Wednesday for the release of two new and very special beers: Demogorgon and Mindlfayer! Using the same base Imperial Stout, Dungeon Master, we crafted these two adjunct stouts.
Rich and sweet, Mindflayer is a Biscotti Imperial Stout, layered with smooth flavors of almond, vanilla, and cacao. Demogorgon is the more exotic of the two, a Masala Chai Imperial Stout, rich with cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, peppercorn, and black tea.
These will be available on draft and in 4-pack cans to-go.
In honor of these two, epic releases, we will be open from Noon until Midnight, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to come in and grab a 4-pack.
That is a lot of time to be here drinking such big, rich beers, so we will of course have food for you! Ayala’s Empanadas will be on lunch duty, serving up their legendary empanadas, and Dark Horse Kitchen will have a few uniquely delicious dinner options for you.
Pre-game for Turkey Day with us and make sure you impress your family with 4-packs of our new pastry stouts!