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The Road to Hell…

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The Road to Hell…

…is paved with best intentions.

New year’s resolutions, am I right? In the short nine months we’ve been open we’ve met some amazing beer fans and brewed some really tasty beer (if we do say so ourselves), but the blogging, we’re still working on our timing.

We have some great things in store for the upcoming months so we’d be remiss if we didn’t get a post out and let you know what’s in the works.

Our canning line is being fabricated as we speak (or as you read.) We are hoping to get it in the cellar mid-May. That means this summer you’ll be seeing us on shelves as well as on tap. We’ll get you videos/snaps of her first steps as soon as we can. See what I did there? Don’t worry, that’s the extent of my aluminum-based puns.

Chapter 4 is out…Citra and Mandarina Bavaria are quite the mix. Touched with a kiss of Caracrystal Wheat from Briess, this 7.2% India Pale Ale is delicious and quenching, I can’t just have one. Swing by the taproom and see for yourself. Our new Maibock and Pilsner are lagering away, Oddfellow scotch and The Craven dry stout are still available for a time.

Josh and I are heading east for the annual Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia the first week in May. It will be refreshing to get together with our brewing cohorts for a week of technical seminars and tradeshow tire-kicking. There may be a beer or two to drink I would assume. Keep an eye peeled to Facebook and Instagram, I’m sure we’ll document the madness of the CBC in some entertaining ways.

Taproom surprises and upgrades, Chicago Craft Beer Week fun, barrel-aged nuggets of deliciousness, festival madness, special projects…all are in the works and will be revealed in due course, please stay tuned.

Yours in zymurgistic hysteria,

John the Brewer


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