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Day in the life and News Year resolutions

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Day in the life and News Year resolutions

I made a NY resolution to post to the blog on a regular basis. I even planned it appropriately, I said, “In January I’ll post once, that will be my every-journey-begins-with-a-single-step moment.”

Yep, It’s February 1st. I’m not going to chalk it up to a fail, but not necessarily my best effort.

I’ve been saving links on Facebook that I am keen on commenting on, I’ve got a marketing calendar planned to get certain topics out on a regular basis, mini-video beer releases of our not-so-gorgeous mugs. There are some great things planned, but they will likely be in fits and starts.

Speaking of great things planned, I decided to give you a glimpse into a typical Monday and fill you in on some important events on the way.

I’ve cleaned the Bright Tank, the vessel our beer goes into post-fermentation, once the beer has had a chance to settle and become “bright.” We throw the acronym “CIP” around a lot, it stands for “clean-in-place,” essentially using a sprayball and the cleaning chemical’s action to dissolve the soils in the tank. Basically, I don’t need to go inside and scrub it.

Josh is responding to emails and doing sales analysis so we can better sharpen our seasonal release calendar for the next year. A lot goes into this as we will be canning in three or four months and the process is more involved with the added channels of distribution.

Waitwhat? Oh, right, this is news. We bought a canning line last week and are excited to start offering you beers in off-premise locations such as your local liquor and grocery stores.

The lead time is about 12 weeks and we have a lot of design and supply chain work to finish, but it is all in process and looking to be on schedule…for the moment.

We are wrapping up some calendar items, festivals and events about town. Taste testing some Otra Vez from Sierra Nevada and having a spirited discussion about the merits of cactus additions to German sour styles.

Our spent grain dog treats are selling really well in the taproom and I’m planning the next brew that will yield an interesting grain bill for our next batch.

Listening to Elvis Costello and getting ready to sanitize our freshly cleaned bright so we can rack (fancy word for transfer) our latest Catchpennny Session Rye Ale to be carbonated and kegged tomorrow. The rest of the day involves a disturbingly large amount of cleaning, which I will just leave to your imagination.

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In future installments of the blog, we are planning some diverse offerings, including our first video new beer release! It will be scary, uh, I mean riveting…we’re in talks with Tarantino to shoot it, stay tuned.

John the Brewer

  • MOOD: relieved, but cautious
  • DRINKING: alternatively coffee (French pressed, unknown origin) and Otra Vez (I won’t recommend this blend)
  • LISTENING: Elvis Costello, “My Aim is True”

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