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(Deep Breath)
Well folks, here we go…

John and I have been working on getting this beast of a project here for five years. Since dreaming up our future brewery, we’ve been analysts, recruiters, and financial planners, jumped from recipe formulators to interior designers, and dabbled in the construction business.

We came through the tunnel and out into a brave new world of craft brewing. While our previous brewery positions have done a lot to prepare us for this, the craft industry in Chicagoland has been ever-changing, and it doesn’t look like it plans on going static anytime soon.

We look forward to taking a step up to the plate as our own driving force behind the beer here at Miskatonic, and we think we have something to add to the impressive craft game you can find in this state.

Every once in awhile you’ll find some new insights or general nerding out on this page. We’ll throw out some background on us, our brewery, and all the killer people that make our joint hum along. But the easiest thing to say is, come on over to the brewery or out to an event and hang with us, we got into this industry because we wanted to work with our hands, create something, and connect with people.

Good talk, we’ll see you out there.

– Josh

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